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We are a group of developers with different backgrounds but one unified ambition: To bring as much high quality sceneries to X-Plane as possible. Spread all over the world, we work on different projects at the same time and support each other in regular calls using the skills of each individually. Depending on the project we also get help from external freelancers enhancing our work with unique extra features.

The use of modern 3D tools and own coded scripts gives us a pretty solid workflow. However as every cooperation partner is different we can adapt to nearly every technique which has been used for scenery design in the past and convert it into a native X-Plane addon.

Our major issue is the limited time. Yes we all do it in our spare time so if you are interested in joining our team please feel free to contact us directly. Any help is always appreciated! 


About us

To encourage the growth of X-Plane we convert high quality sceneries from Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D.

Furthermore you will find native X-Plane 11 sceneries from our inhouse development.

All sceneries feature native X-Plane features like PBR materials, custom static aircrafts, individual ground traffic routes, custom HDR lighting, custom mesh and more.

We also try to implement 3rd party soutions if possible like WorldTraffic 3 configuration, SAM animated jetways and objects, TerraMaxx seasonal textures and custom Active sky weather configurations.

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Scenery Animation Manager

SAM is a tool for developers to implement a bunch of moving parts into sceneries. Some of the possibilities include animated jetways with multiple connection points, opening/closing hangar doors and individual animations for each scenery.

You can create custom datarefs without any knowledge and control the values through a settings menu. With user checkboxes you can even let the user control animations such as opening hangars, switching lights and anything else a scenery developer might think of.

A library with pre-animated objects like Jetways, VDGS, Marshaller, Hangars, Wind Turbines etc. is the starting point for developers to experiment with. You can either use these objects or create and animate your own.

It's licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 which means it is free to use for all users and for all freeware sceneries. If you are a payware developer you can get a license for your project here.

Stairport Stairport Stairport
Stairport Stairport


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LFKC Calvi Nels Anderson,

As you will find, LFKC Calvi really can be a challenging airport to fly in and out of if you come from the north side to runway 36, and for this reason it is also one of those gems that I believe goes largely unnoticed [...]

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KDAB Daytona Paul Mort,

A well laid out and accurately placed scenery with nice building textures. Runways and taxiways look good, as does the replica tower. 3D trees and foliage are well placed. Animated jetways, Safedock A-VDGSs and marshallers are a nice addition [...]

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EDXH Helgoland Paul Mort,

[...] there is a lot to like about this scenery: the location of the archipelago and size of the airport, the 3D modelling and textures of the numerous buildings, and Aerosofts adoption (finally) of 3D people, all work really well [...]



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